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Empire Cinemas Jobs

Empire Cinemas Jobs and Careers

Empire Cinemas Limited is a privately held multiplex cinema chain in the UK. Many inexperienced job seekers apply for a Team Member position at Empire Cinemas for a part-time job. There are plenty of team member positions at various locations of Empire Cinemas across the UK.

A Team Member at Empire Cinemas essentially performs hospitality job duties such as greeting customers, serving them food & drinks, and handling payments. Team member positions are considered entry-level, so you can feel free to apply to Empire Cinemas to be a team member even if you think you aren’t a highly qualified job candidate.

Empire Cinemas Job Descriptions

Team Member

You will deal with customers, handle cash, prepare and serve simple food items to customers, and clean various areas of the cinema. This is an entry-level job. In this position, there will be several different areas that you will work in, so it is less likely to get repetitive and boring. Having an upbeat and cheerful attitude is a characteristic that Empire Cinemas seeks in job applicants for this position.

How can I get a job at Empire Cinemas?

Working at Empire Cinemas may have plenty of benefits. However, getting a job can be quite overwhelming and it can take lots of time. If you need a job as soon as possible, then forget about applying for it online.

You can visit any Empire Cinemas and talk with the manager. If they are looking for a new employee, they will also be glad to not deal with annoying procedures. They can hire you only in minutes when you prefer this method.

How do I apply for a job at Empire Cinemas online?

There is no online job application web page of Empire Cinemas. You can send the company a message on the company contact web page. Select your local Empire Cinema, select the person that you would like to contact (select “employment”), write your name and email address, then professionally tell them that you would like to apply for a job at Empire Cinemas. Then click “Submit”. The hiring personnel working at Empire Cinemas will contact you via email in the upcoming days.


Empire Cinemas Job Application Form Printable PDF

You can download Empire Cinemas printable job application form below. You can fill out the form after you print it, and you can also fill it on your computer before printing.

Empire Cinemas Job Application Form Printable PDF


Empire Cinemas Vacancies

Across the country, there are 14 Empire Cinemas with 125 screens in total.


1 Team Member High Wycombe
2 Team Member London
3 Team Member Catterick Garrison
4 Team Member Birmingham
5 Assistant Manager High Wycombe
6 Assistant General Manager Sutton
7 Assistant Manager Slough
8 Team Member High Wycombe



Work at Empire Cinemas

If you want to be an employee of Empire Cinemas, this is a very good time, because cinemas are one of the most popular places that people go to with their friends and family on a weekly basis for entertainment.

Since it is the entertainment industry, you can be sure that employees also are happy because of working in such working environments as in Empire Cinemas. You can have a happy workplace and a generally happy daily life by working in Empire Cinemas.

Empire Cinemas Interview

Participants do not have to worry about a challenging interview at Empire Cinemas. The interview process is quite smooth and relaxing, especially for the applicants. You do not have to stress about anything but pay attention to your outfit.

Another important consideration you may want to know is about the questions. Empire Cinemas does not ask any challenging questions. They usually ask you to introduce yourself, want to talk about your previous experiences and why you want to work in that particular job.

Participants usually learn the results of their interview at Empire Cinemas and start working a few weeks after it.

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