Matalan Job Application Form Printable PDF

Matalan Job Application pdf

How To Fill Out Matalan Job Application Form

Matalan’s application form for employment is 6 pages long.

  • On the first page, you select the applied job position and write your personal details.
  • Then you write about your employment history, training and experience on the next page.
  • Specify your availability on the third page.
  • List your references and provide an emergency contact on the fourth page.
  • Then, read the Declaration, sign the page and write the date below it.
  • The fifth page is about data protection. You can sign and date the page then.
  • The sixth page, which is the last page, is about Matalan’s commitment to equal opportunities. You can fill in the page, too.

When you finish filling the form, you can finally bring this form with you when you visit a Matalan store to apply for a job position at the store.

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