Shakeaway Job Application Form Printable PDF

Shakeaway Job Application Form Printable PDF

How To Fill Out Shakeaway Job Application Form

The printable job application form of Shakeaway consists of 4 pages:

  • First, write the title of the job position that you are applying for.
  • Then, provide your personal information. You should write everything in this section in BLOCK CAPITAL letters.
  • Then answer a series of yes/no questions and indicate the hours that you would like to work at Shakeaway.
  • On the second page, write how you have found this job vacancy and the reason you are interested in working at Shakeaway.
  • Below, list information about your education and languages. Also, you can add some supplementary information if needed.
  • On the third page, indicate whether you are currently employed and write about your previous jobs and employers.
  • On the fourth page, read the Declaration. You must sign and date below.
  • Lastly, you are asked to write two people, who can be contacted by the hiring personnel of Shakeaway regarding your job application.

If you complete all these steps, you can then bring the paper to a Shakeaway location and submit it. Good luck!

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