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In this guide, we have shared every information you may want to learn about River Island. If you are planning to apply for jobs at the company or wondering about the processes, you should not miss this article. We have covered every detail that will be beneficial for you.

River Island Jobs

River Island Jobs and Careers

River Island is a very popular fashion retailer in the UK. The sales assistant/sales advisor position is the most popular store job position at River Island. This is an entry-level job, which means it is open to all kinds of job seekers without regard to any high level of education or training. River Island is the first workplace for many young employees who are interested in the fashion retail industry. Your job duties will be relatively simple as a Sales Assistant/Sales Advisor at River Island. You can be sure that you will perform the tasks well during your shifts, because you will be trained by River Island before your first day at work.

River Island Job Descriptions

Sales Assistant

You will be expected to provide guidance and help to the shoppers at the River Island store you are working in. You will also be handling the payments from the customers at the cash desk.

Sales Advisor

You will arrange the merchandise on the sales floor and guide the customers by suggesting clothes that would fit them well. You will be expected to approach customers who are in the store and increase the sales by promoting various kinds of clothes sold at the store. From time to time, you will also handle returns or exchanges.

How do I apply for a job at River Island online?

  1. Go to River Island’s career website.
  2. You will see all jobs on the search page.
  3. If you want to customize your search, enter job title or skills, and set your location. Then press “SEARCH”.
  4. Click on an interesting job position from the list.
  5. Read the job description, responsibilities, qualifications & experience and additional information on the next page. If you liked what you’ve read, click “APPLY” at the top of the text.
  6. Click “APPLY”. You need to sign in or register to continue. When it is done, you can reach the application process.
  7. Provide your information and work habits. Complete the phone interview and a set of online forms, and wait to be hired by River Island!

River Island Job Application Form Printable PDF

River Island does not offer any printable job application form on the internet. Visit the official career website of River Island and make an online job application. Good luck!

River Island Job Application Form Printable PDF


River Island Vacancies

There are 350 River Island stores in the world, and 250 of these stores are located in the UK. Without any doubt, River Island jobs are really attractive.


Work at River Island

River Island is one of the most popular fashion retail brands in the world. You will enjoy working there. A job at River Island will be great for you to be able to improve your people skills and a good introduction to working life. If you want to start your career in an international company, you can choose River Island as your next workplace. You are recommended to apply for a job at this company that will make you gain a lot of skills.

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