The Co-Operative Jobs

The Co-Operative Job Application Online & PDF 2021

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The Co-operative Group, also known as Co-op, is a gigantic consumer co-operative retail business. The company is in the retail, wholesale, finance, life planning, social enterprise and education industries.

Co-op was founded in 1844 in the UK and since then, it has become a massive company. Co-op has 70,000 employees that are working in 7,000 different locations. It is the biggest consumer co-operative in the UK with 4,5 million active members owning it.

Co-op is a gigantic company, which is owned by so many people. Maybe, one of the owners is even someone you know! The company thus provides the employees with all the basic needs plus a good salary. You will never regret joining Co-op. If you apply for a job today, you can start your new career at this huge company.

Headquarters 1 Angel Square, Manchester, M60 0AG
Revenue more than £10bn
Employees 70,000+
Industry Retail & Wholesale

The Co-Operative Jobs

The Co-Operative Jobs

Candidates wishing to work in The Co-Operative can view The Co-Operative job postings below.

You know that feeling you get when you meet someone and you just ‘click’. It’s great, isn’t it? You don’t have to explain yourself or try to be something you’re not. You can just relax, be yourself and know that that’s good enough!

Well, get ready to feel that way about a career with the Co-op, because Co-op offers a refreshingly different approach to big business. One that’s really down-to-earth and straightforward. One that involves and includes everyone. And importantly, one that offers a world of opportunity and a uniquely different approach to work and life.

Join Co-op and you’re one of 70,000 people working together to make a decent, fair, ethically and morally strong business succeed. You’ll enjoy loads of support too and every opportunity to develop, progress and help Co-op shape a better future for its members, the local community, and the wider world.

The Co-Operative Vacancies

Thousands of shop assistants are working at the hundreds of Co-op stores across the UK. This position is relatively easy with occasional repetitive tasks during the shifts. Similarly, being a shop assistant at Co-op is also relatively easy. There are almost no prerequisites regarding the shop assistant position at Co-op. If your application is considered positively, all you need to do during the interview process is to be presentable and to have a positive manner.

How do I apply for a job at The Co-Operative online?

  1. Go to the official job application website of Co-op.
  2. In the section titled “Find your Co-op job”, you will be a search toolbar. You can write keywords such as job title or reference number, you can enter your location. You can even choose a department from the drop-down menu. Then, click the “Search Jobs” button to see the list of current job openings.
  3. While you are scanning through the job openings, when you encounter a nice job position, you can learn more about the position by clicking the job title.
  4. You will read the extensive information about the job position on a new web page. Then, you can initiate the online job application process by clicking on the “Apply” button at the top left part of the page.
  5. You will see the Privacy Agreement. Read it. If you want to continue, you must click “I Accept”.
  6. Then you need to login for the application. You can create a new account easily if you don’t have one. After you successfully login, you can start filling out the Co-op online job application form. When you finish, submit it to Co-op.

The Co-Operative Job Application Form Printable PDF

You can download The Co-Operative Food Stores printable job application form below. You can fill out the form after you print it, and you can also fill it on your computer before taking a print out.

The Co-Operative Job Application Form Printable PDF

The online job application form of the Co-operative Food Stores is a long one, which has 13 pages. On the first page, you will read an introduction and then you start filling in the blanks by writing about your personal details. Next, you declare rights to work in the UK. Then, you should provide two references. Then you should write your employment history for the last five years. If any of your relatives are employed by The Co-operative Group, you can indicate it on the next page. Then, provide information about your level of education and qualifications. If applicable to the position you are applying for, provide details about your driving license. Then, answer the question about crimes and show your maximum range of availability. On the following page, you will find a blank that you can fill in to support your application. Read the Applicant’s Declaration and fill in the blanks below it. Next, you should complete the following part of the form if you are applying for a Team Leader or Customer Team Member position in one of the Food Stores. Lastly, you are asked to fill in the Diversity Monitoring Form, Availability, and Applicant’s Declaration sections on pages 12 and 13. After you completely fill out the Co-op job application form, you can finally submit it.

The Co-Operative Team Member Job Description

Co-op is more than just a business. Co-op is a community retailer like no other, where being a member means more than just swiping a card. Co-op is not owned by 1 person or a board of executives. Instead, over 4.6 million people contribute to the running and development of the business. Through the membership scheme of Co-op, Co-op gives back to the communities twice a year through the sales of its own branded products. Since 2016 over £26m has been raised for local causes all across the country. That’s the Co-op difference.

What you’ll do:

  • help train your colleagues to deliver exceptional customer service and store standards
  • support your colleagues in actively promoting membership
  • build and maintain a store environment that is safe and secure
  • work in all areas of the shop, from deliveries and checkouts to replenishment and the bakery
  • be part of the store management team
  • take on key holder responsibility – opening and closing the store
  • encourage your team to come up with new ideas to increase sales and community engagement
  • embrace change in-store and help your colleagues to understand why it’s happening
  • organise your colleagues’ activities during the shift
  • embrace change and help colleagues with new ways of working
  • work varied shifts through the week at different times of the day, including weekends
  • work with large amounts of cash, including opening and cashing up the tills

How to Apply For a Job at The Co-operative?

It is easy once you find an open vacancy of your choice and eligibility. The filters and search tool is useful. After finding one, whether in whichever category, you can view its entire description online. Once you are done, you can hit the apply button. This will prompt you to login or create an account. For beginner job positions, you don’t need to write your prior experience in the Co-operative job application form.

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