Zara Job Application Form and Printable PDF 2020

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Zara is one of the highest reputable compaines in its field. It is well-known in many different countries all over the world. Thus, you can feel proud while working in Zara. In addition, you will gain good experience during your job in Zara. All in all, you will be pleased that you have joined the big Zara family.

Zara Jobs

Zara Jobs

Candidates wishing to work in Zara can view Zara job postings from below.

Zara offers the latest trends in the fashion world for women, men and children. Its defining feature is its ability to adapt to the times and changes. We like to know what people want because we like to get it right. We’ve got experience in taking fashion to the streets because the most important streets of the biggest cities is precisely where you will find Zara stores. We want to reach everyone and achieve all our goals.

Zara belongs to Inditex, one of the world’s largest distribution groups. We are effective. We are able to design, create, produce and distribute a garment in our markets within two weeks. But we are playing with an advantage: we’ve got the best team going. The key to our success lies in the vision, energy and capacity to overcome obstacles of our people, from the offices where everything is managed or the product department that creates our designs to the logistics team that makes the difference and – of course – our stores, the place where our work begins and ends. Some 80% of our employees work in our stores: it is from them we learn, and because of them we grow. Its defining feature is its ability to adapt to the times and changes.

Available Positions at Zara

  • Cashier
  • Cashier/Sales
  • Visual Merchandiser
  • Lead Cashier
  • Sales Assistant
  • Sales Advisor
  • Manager
  • Picker/Packer

Zara Sales Assistant Job Description

Reporting to

Section/Floor/Department Manager and General Manager


To deliver a high standard customer service experience complying with the company guidelines

Key Responsibilities 

  • To be aware of the 7 minimums of customer service starting with a friendly smile
  • To have basic product knowledge being able to read the labels (model/quality/colour/size)
  • To be able to perform basic operations on the iPod – itx stock checks, product request, in store availability, online sale
  • To be able to maintain a shopfloor zone keeping it clean and tidy and placing the replenishment back in its correct place
  • Able to tidy a zone to the company merchandising standards removing overstock and identifying when an item is faulty
  • Fitting room: is able to maintain a clean and tidy area and control the units going in and out of the changing rooms using tokens
  • Stockroom: understand the different stockrooms/layouts and know the basic standards required in the stockroom
  • Aware of the basic security policies in the store and communicates to the management/security team if an issue should arise
  • Comply with the health and safety regulations
  • Ensures effective communication with the link/management team
  • Actively gets involved in store meetings and participates in training

Skills and Attitude

  • Love/ or passion fashion
  • Previous retail or customer service experience
  • Articulate and good communication skills
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Good personal presentation to represent the image of the brand
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Energetic and enthusiastic

This job description is designed to help you understand your role better and to improve the effectiveness of our recruitment process. It is not an exhaustive list of all the things that you may be required to do and maybe required to take on additional tasks

Zara Job Application Online Process

Just follow the steps below to apply to Zara online job application.

  1. Go to the company’s website first to make Zara online job application.
  2. Then look for the company’s human resources or job opportunities pages. (The page you are on usually has open job positions or online job application forms.)
  3. You will see the necessary explanations for making Zara job application.
    Then you can apply for a job.

Note: Some companies do not have human resources pages on their web sites. In such cases, the firm may have advertised to other career sites. You can also follow the company job announcements from the active job search engine or career sites in your country.

In the official webpage of the company, you can filter jobs as selecting department, job, brand, country and city. Since Zara is a subsidy of Inditex company, you must select ‘Zara’ as the company section.

How to get a job at Zara: Apply Online!

Zara Job Application Form Printable PDF

There is an online job application form in our website for applying to this company. There are 4 pages. In the first page, you provide personal information about yourself and write the job you are applying for. Then you write your education level, military service and previous work experience, if available. In the last page, you provide your references, if any.

Zara Job Application Form Printable PDF

Unfortunately, Zara printable job application form does not exist at this time. The printable form will be available from this page when available.

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