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Costa coffee jobs

Costa Coffee Jobs and Careers

Costa Coffee is a famous coffee shop chain that has thousands of stores across the UK and Europe. The most popular job position at Costa Coffee stores is the Barista position. Baristas at Costa Coffee typically stand behind the counter at the coffee shop, take food/beverage orders from the customers, and prepare their orders right there.

A high level of education or much work experience is not needed to be a Costa Coffee barista, but it is essential that you have great interpersonal skills if you apply for this position, because half of your job will be to interact with customers as a barista.

Costa Coffee Job Descriptions


You will serve crafted coffee that was made by experts. Your job will be warmly welcoming customers, taking their orders, and preparing & serving coffee and related stuff as they wish. No degree or experience is required for this position, but it is essential that you have good skills in interacting with people.

Barista Maestro

You will oversee the employees in the Barista position as they work. You should be a leader for them and help & assist when they struggle during work. You will be responsible for Barista job duties as well while you are working. Stock replenishment will also be among your responsibilities.

How can I get a job at Costa Coffee?

You can get a job at Costa Coffee by applying for one of the job openings listed on the official career website of the company. You can also apply for a job at Costa Coffee through other independent job application websites. Another way of applying for a job at Costa Coffee is visiting your local Costa Coffee store and asking a manager on site whether they are searching for new employees.

How do I apply for a job at Costa Coffee online?

Just follow the steps below to apply for a job at Costa Coffee online.

  1. The first thing you will need to do is to go to Costa Coffee’s official career website.
  2. Then you can navigate through the page to check out open vacancies.
  3. After choosing the wanted section, you can read the job description.
  4. To start your online job application, you will be required to register for an account, then sign in to your account on the website of Costa.
  5. Then, you can start filling the Costa online job application form by providing your personal information and other requested information. When finished, you should submit the application to the company and wait for the reply.

You can also apply for a job on a job application website such as Indeed or follow the company job announcements from the active job search engine or career sites in your country.

On the official career website of Costa Coffee, you can filter the job positions by typing in keywords, location and categories, such as area management, management, support centre, team leader or team member. Thus, you can reach more specific information about your desired job, which you may apply for eventually.

Costa Coffee Job Application Form Printable PDF

You can find the link to the printable job application form of Costa Coffee in this section. Click the link to advance to our next web page, on which the application form can be found.

Costa Coffee Job Application Form

Costa Coffee Vacancies

About 2,400 Costa Coffee locations are present in the UK. More than 26,000 employees are working at these Costa Coffee locations.

No Positions Locations
1 Barista
2 Barista
3 Barista Skippingdale RP
4 Barista Bullring Birmingham
5 Barista
6 Seasonal Staff Member
7 Barista
8 Barista
9 Barista
10 Team Member
11 Team Member
12 Barista Falmouth
13 Barista Castleford Thunderhead DT
14 Barista 24hrs
15 Barista Worcester Blackpole RP
16 Seasonal Staff Member
17 Barista
18 Team Member
19 Seasonal Staff Member
20 Barista Bodelwyddan DT
21 Barista
22 Barista 16 hour Hull King Edward Street
Kingston upon Hull
23 Barista
24 Team Member
25 Barista

Work at Costa Coffee

Welcome to Costa Careers. Home of happiness. Costa Coffee is loved, and the stores are warm and inviting. The Express machines are innovative and convenient. But without its people, Costa just wouldn’t be Costa. Together, people turn sips into experiences and frowns into smiles. Together, people turn choices into opportunities and passions into careers at Costa.

At Costa Coffee locations, people spend their most valuable free time with their loved ones. Thus, Costa Coffee is doing its best to serve them as they deserve. People spend high-quality time at Costa Coffee locations, and also the employees have a fine workplace, a peaceful job and are receiving a fair salary as well.

Costa Coffee Interview

You can prefer any kind of outfit as long as it is appropriate for the interview at Costa Coffee. You need to know about the company too. You do not worry about the process at all and just focus on being yourself.

In general, they try to find out whether you are capable of keeping up with the pace in their stores. Moreover, Costa Coffee is going to ask you about your previous experiences and why you left your last job.

If you will be successful at the Costa Coffee interview, they are going to contact you within a week to determine the starting date.

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