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Greggs Jobs

Greggs Jobs and Careers

Greggs is a British bakery chain. Popular job positions at Greggs are the Sandwich Maker, Bakery Assistant, and Barista positions. These positions are generally entry-level ones that don’t have a high number of prerequisites. Therefore, most job seekers are free to apply for one of these positions at a Greggs location.

An essential aspect if you apply to Greggs is that you should have great interpersonal skills, because as an entry-level Greggs employee, you will be interacting with customers during all of your shifts.

Greggs Job Descriptions

Retail Team Member

You will be the face of Greggs. You will interact with customers and generate an amazing experience for them. You should work with a customer-first approach. You should keep the store clean and tidy as much as possible. The job duties may be a bit repetitive, but there aren’t any prerequisites such as education or work experience in order to be hired.

How can I get a job at Greggs?

Just like all other corporate businesses in the United Kingdom, the hiring process can take longer in Greggs. If you need to get a job as quickly as possible, then you need to forget to apply through their official website.

You can visit the closest Greggs store in your area. If they are looking for a new employee, they usually post it on their windows. You can still visit the store and ask in case you cannot see any posts.

How do I apply for a job at Greggs online?

  1. Go to the career website of Greggs.
  2. Search for jobs by keyword and/or location.
  3. You will see the list of job vacancies at Greggs stores.
  4. Click a job title on the list.
  5. Read about the job and click “Apply now”.
  6. You need to sign in to proceed to the online job application form page.

Greggs Job Application Form Printable PDF

Greggs Job Application Form Printable PDF

Unfortunately, the printable job application form of Greggs does not exist at this time.

Greggs Vacancies

Today, Greggs has over 2,000 shops, but the company is not stopping there. Greggs plans to continue to improve the quality of the existing shops whilst looking for new shop opportunities and by extending the franchise operation with other partners.


1 Retail Team Member Hartlepool
2 Retail Team Member Sunderland
3 Retail Team Member Irvine
4 Retail Team Member Luton
5 Retail Team Member St Helens
6 Retail Team Member Birmingham
7 Retail Team Member Slough
8 Retail Team Member Brierley Hill
9 Retail Team Member Leicester
10 Retail Team Member Feltham
11 Retail Team Member Swansea
12 Retail Team Member Neath
13 Retail Team Member Stirling
14 Retail Team Member Canterbury
15 Retail Team Member Huddersfield
16 Retail Team Member Barking
17 Retail Team Member Merthyr Tydfil
18 Retail Team Member New Malden
19 Retail Team Member South Shields
20 Retail Team Member Nottingham

Work at Greggs

Although Greggs is a national business, the company is rooted in the local communities. That means, as well as the national range of Greggs, the company also enjoys selling much loved regional specialties.

Greggs Interview

You need to get ready for role-playing in the interview at Greggs. The company provides you with certain scenarios and tests how you would react. As some of them are about coping with problems, some of them are about customer satisfaction and experience.

In general, you are going to learn the result of your interview at Greggs at the end of the session. However, it may take a week to sign the contract. We recommend doing research about the company and its products too.

Sometimes Greggs interviewers also ask about your favorite product of the company. Do not say that you do not know any to increase your chances to get hired.

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