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WHSmith Application Online & PDF Form 2022

Click to work at WHSmith. WHSmith job application form, printable pdf form, job opportunities, salaries, working conditions and more.

whsmith jobs

WHSmith Jobs and Careers

WHSmith is a retail store chain that is operating with over a thousand stores in the UK. One job position at WHSmith is more popular than any other job position, and that job position is Sales Assistant.

Sales Assistants at WHSmith provide customer service throughout their shifts. A high level of education and excessive job experience isn’t required when applying for this position, but you may need to have great communication skills to be a successful sales assistant.

Apart from this position, there are Supervisor and Manager positions at WHSmith for experienced professionals.

WHSmith Job Descriptions

Sales Assistant

You will work at the cash register, fill the shelves with products, and provide top-notch customer service in this position. You should be attending to the customers once they enter the store, and guide them when they ask for any help. You will be expected to promote various products at the store to improve the sales of the store. To be successful, you should be knowledgeable about the products sold by WHSmith.

Counter Clerk

You will work at the till primarily. You will be responsible for the transactions at the till. You should know what products are sold at WHSmith, too, because you will need to inform customers about products from time to time. You will also contribute to the sales at the store.

How can I get a job at WHSmith?

Getting a job at WHSmith is quite an easy process only if you follow the optimum path. We do not mean applying for jobs through the official website. We also do not mean looking for jobs on job search websites.

You need to apply for the jobs at WHSmith by simply visiting their stores. In this way, you can increase your opportunity to get a job. Moreover, it is much quicker to be hired in this way.

How do I apply for a job at WHSmith online?

  1. Go to the career website of WHSmith.
  2. Click the “Team Leader, Store Leader and Sales Assistant” or the “Store Manager, Cluster Manager Head Office opportunities” button under the Quick Search title.
  3. You will see the current vacancies at WHSmith.
  4. You can start your online job application process by clicking on a job position.

WHSmith Job Application Form Printable PDF

The online job application form for this company is made of 4 pages. At first, you should write your name, address and the job position that you are applying for. Next, you should write about your work experience and additional information. You should also provide your education level. Lastly, you should give a list of your references.

WHSmith Job Application Form Printable PDF

WHSmith Vacancies

The first WHSmith store was opened in 1792 in London. Today, there are 1,700 WHSmith stores distributed in various stores across the country.


1 Christmas Staff- Middlesborough Middlesbrough
2 Christmas Staff – Coventry Coventry
3 Christmas Staff- Middlesborough Middlesbrough
4 Christmas Staff- Manchester Arndale Manchester
5 Christmas Staff- Ayr Ayr
6 Christmas Staff- Darlington Darlington
7 Christmas Staff- Croydon Croydon
8 Christmas Staff- Tamworth Tamworth
9 Christmas Staff – Hitchin Hitchin
10 Christmas Staff – Fareham Fareham
11 Christmas Staff- Ayr Ayr
12 Christmas Staff- Manchester Arndale Manchester
13 Christmas Staff- Newcastle Upon Tyne Newcastle upon Tyne
14 Christmas Staff- Cardiff Cardiff
15 Christmas Staff- Croydon Croydon
16 Christmas Staff- Darlington Darlington
17 Christmas Staff- Canterbury Canterbury
18 Christmas Staff- Sutton Coldfield Sutton Coldfield
19 Christmas Staff – Torquay Torquay
20 Christmas Staff- Southsea Southsea

Work at WHSmith

If you want to join the WHSmith family as an employee, don’t hesitate even for a second! You will sell books, toys and games for enthusiastic people. If you have a specific interest in what is sold at WHSmith stores, good for you because you will do your job willingly. Eventually, you can get promoted since you work better in this company.

The secret of WHSmith is simple – a progressive attitude. Join the company, and you’ll have the support and an amazing team behind you. In fact, in a survey of the UK’s ten friendliest companies, WHSmith came second. The company’s various training programmes help its people learn and develop skills more quickly.

WHSmith Interview

If WHSmith invited you for an interview, make sure that you wear smart, clean, and casual clothes. Your outfit matters a lot for your overall look, and you do not have to wear suits. The interviews are one on one interviews with some simple questions.

WHSmith usually asks questions to learn more about the applicants. These questions are designed to reveal your personality. Moreover, you will have to talk about why you left your previous job, what are your previous experiences and why you applied for that particular position.

Sometimes, they ask some basic math questions too. Anyone with good working ethics will be successful in WHSmith interviews.

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