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H&M Application Online & PDF Form 2022

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H&M Jobs

H&M Jobs and Careers

H&M (Hennes & Mauritz AB) is a Swedish multinational clothing-retail company that is known for its fast-fashion clothing for men, women, teenagers and children. H&M provides lots of entry-level job opportunities available to inexperienced job seekers as one of the leading clothing retailers in the UK.

The most popular job position at H&M stores is the Sales Assistant position. This position is open to almost all applicants without regard to education level. Throughout your shifts, you will be interacting with customers and show & suggest to them clothes that they may like. A big portion of being a successful Sales Assistant depends on being a fashion enthusiast, and for this reason, it is recommended that you apply for this position only if you are a fashion enthusiast.

H&M Job Descriptions

Sales Advisor

You will help customers shopping at the H&M store. You will be expected to use suggestive selling techniques that require you to promote current products and explain current campaigns at the store. You will need to reach a sales target by the end of each month. There is room for development in this position, even if you don’t hold any higher education degree.

How can I get a job at H&M?

Despite H&M looking very corporate, each branch can hire its own employees. This means that you do not have to apply through their official website and wait for a long time. Instead, you can prefer a quicker method to get the job.

For this, all you need to do is visit any of the H&M stores and ask if they need a new employee. If they need a new one, the manager can interview you and tell you when you start working.

How do I apply for a job at H&M online?

  1. Go to the career website of H&M.
  2. You can see a job search toolbar and the list of job vacancies at H&M stores in the UK.
  3. Click a job title.
  4. Click “I’m interested”.
  5. Fill out the online job application form of H&M and submit it to the company.


H&M Job Application Form Printable PDF

You can find the 4-page online job application form below on this web page.

H&M Job Application Form Printable PDF

How to Fill Out H&M Job Application Form

  • On the first page, you give your personal information and write the job that you are applying for.
  • Then, you write your educational level and military service information, if able.
  • Lastly, you write your personal references as you apply for the job at H&M.

H&M Job Descriptions & More

You can read our next article about H&M to learn the job duties of the Sales Advisor position at H&M.

H&M Vacancies

H&M operates in 62 countries with over 4,000 stores and employs around 132,000 people.


1 Sales Advisor – Lakeside, Grays Grays
2 Permanent & Seasonal Sales Advisors – Brighton Brighton
3 Sales Advisor – Cheshire Oaks Ellesmere Port
4 Seasonal Sales Advisor – Hastings Hastings
5 Sales Advisor – Liverpool Speke Speke
6 Sales Advisor – Portsmouth Portsmouth
7 Permanent & Seasonal Sales Advisors – Bluewater Greenhithe
8 Permanent & Seasonal Sales Advisors – Chichester Chichester
9 Seasonal Sales Advisor – Sutton Sutton
10 Sales Advisor – Ashford Ashford
11 Sales Advisor – Altrincham Altrincham
12 Seasonal Sales Advisor – Fareham, Whiteley Whiteley
13 Permanent & Seasonal Sales Advisors – Southampton Southampton
14 Sales Advisor – Tamworth Birmingham
15 Sales Advisor – Welwyn Garden City Welwyn Garden City
16 Permanent & Seasonal Sales Advisors – Bromley Bromley
17 Sales Advisor – Bexleyheath Bexleyheath
18 Sales Advisor – Worthing Worthing
19 Department Manager – Beverley Beverley
20 Sales Advisor – Brent Cross London

Work at H&M

H&M is one of the most well-known brands in the fashion business in the world. By working in such a successful company, you will be sure about happiness in both your life and your future career. Clearly, H&M is one of the best companies if you are interested in the fashion industry.

H&M Interview

H&M interviews are super chill, and you do not have to worry about anything. First, they will give you a presentation about the company and then start interviewing you. They usually ask simple questions and want you to introduce yourself.

You may want to check for the facts about H&M before going to an interview. Sometimes, they also ask about the company. You can wear anything for the interview as long as it is appropriate. Make sure that your outfit looks clean and stylish.

They can also organize a group interview, so get ready for this. On average, H&M contacts the successful applicants within two weeks to hire.

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