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Ikea Jobs

IKEA Jobs and Careers

IKEA is a Swedish retail store chain that primarily sells home improvement products. The Sales Assistant position is one of the most popular jobs at IKEA. Sales Assistants typically provide customer service throughout shifts and are responsible for the cleanliness and organisation of the store products throughout different areas within the store.

You don’t need to have a long employment history to start working at IKEA as a Sales Assistant. The company hires candidates as long as they are presentable and prove that they have sufficient communication skills.

IKEA Job Descriptions

Retail Sales Associate

You will work in the retail section of the IKEA store. You will guide customers through many steps of the shopping process. You should keep the retail area clean and tidy at all times. You should replenish products when needed. This is an entry-level job that includes some degree of physical activity.

Food Cashier

You will work at the cash register in the dining section of the IKEA store. You will be responsible for operating the payment processes by taking the money from the customers. You should know about the food served at the moment. You will also be required to clean the location from time to time.

Retail Forklift Driver

This is a job position that doesn’t require much communication with customers. You will mostly work without the need to talk often. You will be responsible for the accuracy of the inventory and replenishment of products whenever needed. You will be operating the forklift and related equipment. This job position requires one to usually perform some heavy physical activity such as lifting and carrying.

How can I get a job at IKEA?

IKEA is one of the corporate companies in the United Kingdom and you need to follow certain procedures to get a job. In this respect, visiting any of their stores and submitting a resume will not work for you.

Instead, you need to apply for the positions at IKEA through their official careers page. You can apply online. In addition to this, you can always apply through job search websites.

How do I apply for a job at IKEA online?

  1. Go to the international career website of IKEA.
  2. Search for jobs by keywords and location. Then click “Search jobs”.
  3. You will see the list of job vacancies. Click a job to read the job description.
  4. After you read it, click “Apply for job”.
  5. A similar page will open. Read it. Click “Apply now”.
  6. You should create an account to advance to IKEA’s online job application form.

IKEA Job Application Form Printable PDF

Here, we provide the printable job application form of IKEA for job applicants in the UK. You can click the link below to open the form.

IKEA Job Application Form

IKEA Vacancies

The company started operations in 1943. Today, there are 375 IKEA stores in various countries in the world, including 23 in the UK.

No Positions Locations
1 Kitchen Design Consultant – IKEA London (39 hours)
2 Remote Working Sales Adviser – Sheffield
3 Sales Assistant – full time & part time
4 Kitchen Sales Specialist
5 Warehouse Operative Nightshift
6 Part Time Self Serve Sales Assistant in Wembley
7 Remote Working Sales Adviser – Peterborough
8 Warehouse Operative
9 Food & Beverage Assistant Part/Full time
10 Customer Relations Assistant – 12 hours Exeter
11 Remote Planning & Sales Manager
12 Food and Beverage Assistant
13 Food Stores Co-worker
14 Internal Communications Co-worker in Wembley (24hrs per week)
15 Department Manager
Milton Keynes
16 Checkout Team Leader – Exeter
17 Regional Kitchen Measure Technician
18 IKEA Recruitment Event – Milton Keynes
Milton Keynes
19 Sales Assistant
20 Safety and Security Co-worker – Exeter
21 Warehouse Team Leader
22 Sales Team Leader
Milton Keynes
23 Visual Merchandising & Activity Manager in Greenwich
24 Accountant – FTC (24 hours)
25 Checkout Team Leader
Lakeside Shopping Centre


IKEA Interview

IKEA conducts online interviews with its applicants due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This can be a great opportunity for you since you are going to attend the interview from a space you feel comfortable in. You can also check for some facts about the company before the interview.

On average, each interview takes about twenty minutes and IKEA interviews are held over Zoom. The interviewer is going to ask you some interesting questions. However, it is important to note that there are no right or wrong answers to these questions.

If you just be yourself and look confident, IKEA will hire you. They usually contact the successful applicants about a week after the interview.

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