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Matalan Jobs

Matalan Jobs and Careers

Matalan is a British retail store chain that sells apparel and homeware. Matalan, which is one of the leaders in the retail store industry in the UK, offers plenty of entry-level job opportunities to job seekers across the country. The most popular jobs at Matalan are Warehouse Operative, Receptionist, and General Sales Assistant.

Many inexperienced job seekers across the UK have started their careers in the retail industry at a Matalan store. Matalan provides entry-level employees with the opportunity to gain valuable work experience and also, there are great development opportunities within the company for successful employees.

Matalan Job Descriptions

Warehouse Operative

You will work in a Matalan warehouse across the UK. You will pick, pack, and load products constantly while you will be working. This job is an entry-level job that doesn’t need the candidate to have any degree to begin working.

General Sales Assistant

This is the most common entry-level job position at Matalan stores. You will create a great experience for the customers of Matalan. You should know what products are sold at Matalan, and try to give the best guidance to the customers. There is a good development opportunity in this job position. Continuous success and hard work may result in you getting promotions. You can even be a manager after years of successful employment at Matalan. Effective communication is a key ability for success in this job position.

How can I get a job at Matalan?

If you are planning to work for Matalan, then you need to choose one of the three application methods. The first two are applying through job search websites and the official careers page of the company. Both of them will take a long time to get results.

The third alternative is visiting any Matalan store and asking if they need a new worker. They can hire you or inform you about which stores are looking for new employees recently.

How do I apply for a job at Matalan online?

  1. Go to Matalan’s official job search website.
  2. You will see a map alongside a job list.
  3. You can search for job openings according to various criteria by using the search tools on the right part of the page.
  4. Click a job title on the job list to read the job description.
  5. Click the red “APPLY NOW” button if you want to start your online job application.
  6. You need to login to continue. If you don’t have an account yet, you should register first. Then, you can advance to the online job application form page.
  7. Fill out the online job application form of Matalan and submit it to the company.


Matalan Job Application Form Printable PDF

Click the link below to reach the printable job application form of Matalan.

Matalan Job Application Form

Matalan Vacancies

Today, 230 Matalan stores are present in the UK, at which 13,000 employees are currently working. In addition to the UK stores, a couple of dozens of stores are present in some European and Middle Eastern countries. The size of an average Matalan store is 30,000 square feet.

No Positions Locations
1 General Sales Assistant
2 General Sales Assistant – Permanent – 12-16 hrs per week
3 General Sales Assistant – Permanent – 12-16 hrs per week
4 General Sales Assistant – Temporary – 4 hrs per week
5 General Sales Assistant – Permanent – 8 hrs per week
6 General Sales Assistant – Temporary – 8 hrs per week
7 General Sales Assistant – 20+hrs per week – Permanent
8 Retail Customer Champion
9 Christmas Sales Assistant – Temporary
10 General Sales Assistant – Permanent – 12-16 hrs per week
11 General Sales Assistant – Permanent (Weekends – 8 hours)
12 Christmas Sales Assistant – Temporary
13 General Sales Assistant – 20+hrs per week – Temporary
14 General Sales Assistant – Permanent – 12-16 hrs per week
15 General Sales Assistant – Permanent – 8 hrs per week
16 General Sales Assistant – Temporary – 8 hrs per week
17 General Sales Assistant – Permanent – 8 hrs per week
18 Christmas Sales Assistant – Temporary
19 Retail Supervisor
20 Christmas Sales Assistant – Temporary
21 General Sales Assistant – Temporary – 8 hrs per week
22 Christmas Sales Assistant – Temporary
23 Christmas Sales Assistant – Temporary
24 HR Assistant – **Part Time**
25 Retail Supervisor


Work at Matalan

Welcome to Matalan, a British clothing and homeware retailer. Recent years are good times for applying to companies that are in the fashion and homeware industry because these kinds of retail stores are trending more and more in these years. You can make sure that you will be provided with both a good salary and good work conditions. Thus, you can live a settled-down life just as you want in your upcoming years.

By working at Matalan, you can show your enthusiasm for both fashion and homeware products. Retail stores such as Matalan are trending increasingly in recent years. By working at Matalan, you can also make sure that you will be paid a fine salary and you will have good work conditions in your workplace. You can live a peaceful life as long as you continue your career at Matalan.

If you want to work at a company that’s passionate about its people, helping you to grow and be the best you can be, then you’ve come to the right place.

Matalan Interview

You do not have to stress about your interview at Matalan at all. The process is quite simple. The interviewers will ask you questions such as how good customer service should be, are you capable of working in a team, and so on.

Sometimes, they also provide you with scenarios and ask questions about them. All of these are just to get you to know better. Matalan will also want you to introduce yourself and your background. So, you can prepare a speech in advance.

Another important thing you need to know about Matalan interviews is they ask about the company. Thus, you can make brief research in advance.

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